Monday, March 21, 2016

Sephora and Harvey Prince deliver

It's always a thrill when the Sephora package I've been tracking for days finally gets to my door, even though I've painstakingly ordered it and know exactly what's in it. I often cruise the site to see what's new, what's on sale and what I have to buy because my favourite beauty vlogger said so. Sometimes I maintain my wishlist and read reviews on products I'm considering, it's a beauty lover's paradise.

And so I ended up with my first ZPalette, and it is my Baby. Light and sleek with a strong magnet base and closure, it's a delight to handle and use every day. Included were a package of adhesive round magnets for pots that aren't magnetic and a small metal 'key' to assist in depotting. For $12 CAD, these are a great investment.

Next is this Sephora Collection Black Magic Set of 2 Makeup Remover Cloths. I use mine slightly damp and they miraculously whisk away all the products on your face, lips and eyes, with a furry-soft texture and no cleanser needed. The small facecloth size is perfect to wipe off every trace of makeup and having two in a set means you can always have a clean one ready. I was most impressed by how this wonder rag seemed to erase even my waterproof eye makeup and I felt no irritation or tugging in that delicate area. These are also nice for travelling with zero waste. When washed clean, they air dry in no time and come in a handy travel case. For only $15 CAD for two, this became an instant staple in my makeup removal routine.

One of the perks of buying products through Sephora is their bonus points system that allows customers to accrue points based on purchase value that can subsequently be redeemed for deluxe samples and sets. Sometimes these offers are too good to resist, but letting your points build up can result in some amazing hauls. I redeemed 100 points on this Fresh Seaberry Moisturizing Face Oil and then 500 points on the Murad Perfectly Ageless Skin Renewing Set. This Fresh Face Oil is incredibly rich but light and although it absorbs into my face rapidly, it hydrates my skin all day while leaving my makeup intact. I'm already a huge fan of both this line and face oils, so choosing this bonus was a no-brainer. On the other hand, I took my time deliberating over this four piece Murad skincare set, since I wasn't sure if my sensitive dry skin would react badly. I'm pleased to report that so far I'm loving this four-step routine which starts with the AHA/BHA Exfoliating Cleanser, a gentle physical exfoliant with mild chemical exfoliation included, so your skin can glow now and later. This is followed by the Advanced Active Radiance Serum, a bit of the Renewing Eye Cream around my peepers, and a good layer of Hydro-Dynamic Ultimate Moisture to seal the deal. I like this routine best in the evening so these products can really sink in and go to work on my skin, and I wake up looking brand new. Even though Murad skincare is a top choice to combat oily and acne-prone skin, us dry skin folk have plenty to love here too, and this deluxe bonus set let me get my hands on some pretty spendy products!

I placed another order with Harvey Prince Organics, inspired by the name and description of their latest perfumes that seem heavily influenced by India. I opted for a small rollerball of Kashmiri Saffron but unfortunately, this scent did not do it for me. I found it veered from strong floral to heavy oriental and it was too cloying to even try. I'm surprised as this is the first perfume from this brand that wasn't an instant hit with me. They kindly included a sample of Petaly Noir which I like, I guess it just works with my body chemistry better than other scents. I added a travel-sized Sincerely Body Cream and a Fango Mud Therapy to my order, and both exceed expectations. I've gone on about this brand previously at length, I'm a fan of their mission and methods, notably how they source and formulate their products. They routinely have online sales and discounts on their already reasonably priced perfumes and beauty products. 'Hello' and 'Sincerely' are two of my favourite scents from this line, but most of the others that I've sampled are just as unique and beautifully wearable.

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