Tuesday, January 12, 2016

All-time top dry skin fix, happy 90th to Weleda's Skin Food!

Well what do you know, Weleda's Skin Food, my top repurchased moisturizer of all-time is 90 and they're having a giveaway! Just upload a personal photo of your tube like I did here for a chance to win.
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Imagine a skin cream so effective and beloved that it continues to be made for 90 years. That's the story of Weleda's Skin Food. This is the heavy-duty cream I always return to when all else fails and my skin is desperately dry. It's so thick and rich that weathered and chapped skin drinks it up and starts to heal right away. It's natural and non-toxic so it doesn't aggravate even my sensitive facial skin, with a charming light citrus scent that fades quickly. This is the kind of cream for people who need to seriously lock in moisture the way petroleum jelly might but instead want something natural and nourishing that you feel good about your skin absorbing. The travel-sized tube is a staple in my purse, I'm almost never without one, and most quality health food stores carry the Weleda line. I sometimes use this to spot-hydrate my roughest dry areas on top of my regular moisturizers as it seems to 'seal in' and prolong the hydrating effects of other products as well. Aside from this Skin Food and the Everon Lip Balm that I think is amazing and recently recommended, I've also used many of Weleda's baby products which are made with safe, quality ingredients like calendula and I think they are wonderful. I feel like this company understands my concept of making products so pure that I don't worry about them absorbing into my body. I also like that they don't keep radically changing their products and packaging, an anomaly in a natural beauty market that seems to be in constant flux. I've been a loyal fan for almost two decades and I've loved every product I've used from this brand.

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