Saturday, January 16, 2016

My first Morphe order: brushes, LA Girl Concealers & a Color Switch

My parcel from Morphe just arrived and I'm so thrilled with everything I received! Behold this splendid Morphe 690 6-Piece Contour Brush Set, which I recently ordered from their website. With three large and three small synthetic duofibre brushes, I now have everything I need to contour my face and eyes to perfection. Morphe brushes have gained a well-earned reputation for durability and delivering exceptional results. Their heft and girth make them a joy to work with; they feel solid in my hand and luxuriously soft on my face. The shaped brush heads deposit and blend products like a dream, blurring out any streaks and harsh lines that crappier brushes normally leave in their wake. Of course the small brushes are wonderful for applying and blending out eye makeup too, c'est l'embarras du choix when it comes to these sensational brushes. I can't believe this set was only $22.99USD and arrive a mere week after I ordered.

I've wanted to try L.A. Girl's famous concealer for a while, so at only $2.99USD each, I bought three shades that I hoped might work for me. Here you see the ProConceal HD high-definition Concealer in shades GC982 Warm Honey, GC983 Fawn and GC984 Toffee. The first two seem like they will work with my colouring and if the Toffee is too dark to use as concealer, I'll try it out as a subtle contour shade. This concealer is known for how well it blends out, long wear and certainly for unbeatable value.

My last pick from Morphe's plethora of items was this Solo refill version of Vera Mona's amazing Color Switch for $7.99USD. This is a coarse disk of sturdy openly porous sponge-textured material that rids makeup brushes of dry products with a few swirls against its surface. Not for use with wet or creamy formulas, this handy tool saves time from constantly washing makeup brushes with wet solutions that then have to dry before reuse. Of course, this tool does not replace a proper brush-washing regimen, but it will keep them softer and more pliable between washes (and prolongs brush longevity by limiting exposure to moisture) since it doesn't strip brush hairs of the trace amounts of conditioner that remain like alcohol-based brush cleaners. I have a perfectly-sized tin to house mine that gets a good cleaning whenever I wash the sponge which keeps everything neat and hygienic.

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