Thursday, August 6, 2015

THE BEST (secret) eye cream you may ever find!

Behold, CeraVe's Eye Repair Cream, an eye product for people who don't use (or think they need) an eye cream. I've been using this highly-recommended eye treatment product for almost two weeks now and I really think it is making a visible difference. With my summer-darkened Indo-Korean skin, I have deep discoloured under-eye circles that vex me. Since I've been testing this cream (morning and night on clean skin), I actually think I've been using less concealer under my eyes! The darkness and colour of the circles seems to be diminished, to the point that I'm altering my typical makeup application routine, I wasn't expecting the change to be so dramatic. I find this extra-surprising because despite the fact that I'm trying and applying much more eye makeup lately, this cream always soothes and never ever irritates my ultra-sensitive eye skin, while making it seem smoother and brighter.
It's full of every kind of ingredient meant to treat dark eye circles, and has no scent. It is a rather thick, white/colourless cream that absorbs and disappears quickly into the skin.
Interestingly, once I decided to try this product, as I shopped around I found a more than $5 difference in price between Save-On Foods/Price Smart Foods at the lowest cost (I know right!?) and Shoppers Drug Mart at the highest. Additionally, London Drugs has it on sale in a combo pack for $19.99 (with two 'free' products as part of their promotion), I think I'll have to zip over on Friday and pick one up since I love this stuff so much!

P.S. Not only is this a secret cult favourite product, but to find it, you may have to hunt around a bit. In most stores that carry it, it is displayed NOT with beauty products, nor with bath/body products. When I located it, it was displayed in the drugstore section that contains skin lotions for diabetics and/or acne treatments. It seems the price is directly correlated to proximity to the beauty aisle, so be patient and save yourself five bucks ;)

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