Thursday, August 6, 2015

First things first - perfect lip balm (surprise, it's from the drugstore!)

Go go GO out and get yourself a tube of this EXCELLENT lip conditioner! In the endless quest to find the perfect lip balm, I found this. Say hello to Blistex Moisture Melt lip balm. It's the perfect texture, ultra-hydrating (thanks to tiny little hydrating 'beads' that dissolve on your lips) and has sunscreen (SPF 15) to boot!

The light pink lemonade scent vanishes quickly but the moisturizing lasts for hours. I would say that scent and/or flavour are my number one problem with most lip balms (even above texture or formulation!) and I am surprised to say that the scent/taste of this lip balm is perfect, just enough to make it appealing, even right after I've brushed my teeth, as I'm sipping my tea, etc, a test most lip balms fail.

My summer-ravaged lips were craving a new lip balm and this has absolutely become my instant favourite.  Added bonuses: sunscreen included, costs about $2.79. Seriously, best drugstore find in forever.

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