Sunday, November 22, 2015

Harvey Prince Organics - smells good, feels good, ethically sound

After a few weeks of indecision, I went ahead and placed my first order with Harvey Prince Organics. I received a full-sized pump-dispenser bottle of their Ageless Body Cream and am now hooked on this line. The Ageless scent has quickly grown on me, and I wear this body cream every day; I've become obsessed with the clean, fruity, faintly floral-but-not-overpowering scent. But what really sold me on this cream is how incredibly soft it makes my skin (which I can still feel hydrating my skin almost a day later!), and I completely love it. I have no time for lotions that sink in and leave problem bits like elbows, hands, knees and feet dry and flaky shortly after application. Not so for this thick, rich body cream, which is keeping my skin soft and comfortable this winter, hydrating and protecting from the drying effects of the cold outside and overheated interiors, while somehow not being overly greasy or sticky. This is a very satisfying body care product that I am going to repurchase.

I'm always glad when my favourite brands offer travel and sample sizes of their products, so I can try items before buying a full-sized container. When I really like a product, I quickly stash the small version in my travel toiletries bag, and seek out the full-sized product right away. That's why I am delighted that Harvey Prince has several of their fragrance, bath and body care samples in deluxe-sized sets that allows me to try out a wide variety of products. The hair and body products I ordered are in the scent Hello. It smells crisp and bright at first and later on settles down nicely to slightly musky notes that linger sweetly. It's a very pleasantly wearable scent that is subtle enough for daytime and work settings without being cloying.

The Sea Salt Texturizing Mist is fantastic! I've found several beachy hair sprays to be overly drying on my long hair, or just ineffective. This spray added just enough texture control without the stiffness of hairspray or mousse, and allows hair at the roots to hold a bit of teasing for subtle volume and a bit of messiness that looks fresh and effortless. I am almost certain to order a large bottle of this product very shortly.

Finally, I received an array of scent vials that are barely visible in the photo above, in behind the larger products. I received samples of Ageless (clean, fruity, subtly floral), Eau So Divine (clean, bright and fresh), Cherie Blossom (a sweeter floral blend), Sincerely (slightly woodsy, mildly spicy), Hello (crisp, bright and faintly musky) and Petaly Noir (musky, floral and sweet). Each scent changes with the wearer's personal body chemistry, transforming into a personal scent experience that silently communicates with those around you. Since I am generally sensitive (or averse) to many perfumed products, naturally-sourced, carefully blended scents are all I now wear and having an entire line to discover that is vegan and cruelty-free is delightful.

The brand's story is endearing and knowing that all the products are made without toxic chemicals is wonderful - they are even mindful of pregnant mothers when devising their formulas. The line was in the media when I first heard of them, with the coverage focused on claims that the scents can make wearers appear thinner, younger, friendlier or even make you lose weight! But all of that hype cannot detract from a well-balanced perfume that doesn't give me a headache and isn't offensively strong.

Once I finally decided on what products I wanted to order, they arrived in a few short days, surprisingly rapid delivery time to Canada, all undamaged in the packaging. My first experience with Harvey Prince Organics has been very positive and after several weeks of using the products, I am pleasantly satisfied with everything I've ordered from them. With the gift-giving season upon us, this is a more thoughtful, original option for the beauty and scent lover on your list for holiday presents this year.

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